Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder : Theory of Everything

This is a short post in response to Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder’s video below.

My response is that we need to simply get on with it. Here is the TOE:

  1. Start with a 3D galilean/cartesian/euclidean void.
  2. Describe this with Map 1, M1.
  3. Now permeate that void with free parameter one (FP1) density of immutable, equal and opposite, charged Planck spheres in equal proportion.
  4. We’ll call those Planck spheres the electrino and the positrino.
  5. Give those Planck sphere particles free parameter two (FP2) energy density in kinetic and electromagnetic form.
  6. Voila. You are done.
  7. If you choose the correct two free parameters then a steady state situation will eventually form that matches our universe.
  8. In other words, everything else is emergent.
  9. The most important structure to emerge is the spacetime æther formed as a composite structure of electrinos and positrinos.
  10. Spacetime æther changes shape with local energy.
  11. We will describe the shape of spacetime æther with Map 2 or M2 which is Riemannian, but discrete at Planck scale.
  12. M2 has an interesting property. No matter the local energy, the contraction or expansion and the time dilation or acceleration remain in lockstep so that travelling photons always move at a constant speed in M2.
  13. However if you were to look from M1 you would see that the speed of photons varies according to the local permittivity and permeability of the spacetime æther.
  14. That’s it. Everything else is based on structure emergence and the field effects of rich structure.
  15. Theory of Everything complete.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : July 11, 2020 : v1

By J Mark Morris

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