NPQG in Wonderland

It’s your celebration day!
You receive a present.
It comes in an edible candy shell the shape of an egg.

You open the egg to find two perfect spheres.

You shake the egg and out drop instructions written on edible candy paper.

The instructions say:

1) You have been given the virtual reality (VR) ability to immediately visualize nature and zoom to any scale imaginable in your mind’s eye.

2) Your VR is already working. The two spheres are Planck size. Pick them up and examine them. Aren’t they beautiful?

3) Let me tell you about your Planck point charge spheres:

  • First they are immutable.
  • Nothing about them may change.
  • They can not be dinged or dented.
  • They can not be destroyed.
  • One is called the electrino and it has a negative one-sixth charge.
  • One is called the positrino and it has a positive one-sixth charge.
  • Their charge emanates from their center.
  • They obey classical mechanics.
  • They obey classical electromagnetism.
  • You may use your point charges to conduct experiments.
  • Imagine any density of point chargees in space.
  • Imagine any initial energy carried by your point charges.
  • Your configuration appears in a Euclidean void of time and space.
  • Your experiment will commence and a universe will emerge.

4) These are the final instructions:

  • Eat the candy shell.
  • Use your gift to improve well-being.
  • Use your gift to reduce suffering.
  • Use your gift to spread intelligent life throughout the cosmos.
  • Before it is too late.
  • Eat me.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

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