Dr. Alexander Unzicker

Dr. Alexander Unzicker is an author and social media vlogger of content related to the foundations of physics. His views are contrarian to GR/QM era physics. His books have been well received. He proffers a number of what he intuits are incorrect decision points in physics and cosmology. His arguments are generally vague with a hint of truth and he hasn’t yet been able to form a complete understanding of any one error. His intuitions are good and he is correct that physicists have made many erroneous decisions. See my blog post Missed Opportunities to Discover Nature for my list.

In this video, Unzicker describes his reproducing a good thought from analysis of the units of the gravitational constant G that others have made in decades prior. It is validating to reproduce a good thought from the greats. However, to make progress you must continue on to explain nature precisely. Here are the insights that take the units analysis to the level of natural description.

  1. Speed of light squared is the reciprocal of local permittivity and permeability, i.e., the ability for unit potential point charges to move through the local spacetime aether.
  2. Each arriving gravitational wave travelled via the particles of spacetime æther from the source to receiver. Therefore we must integrate along the path from all participating sources of mass.
  3. We must consider that we are working with the gravitational waves that are arriving NOW, which means their sources have moved in the intervening travel time.
  4. We must convert distance along the traveled path to absolute distance since the universe is Euclidean and spacetime æther “distance” varies with energy.
  5. We must not get carried away with the “all the mass in the universe idea“of Mach. Instead we must realize that there is a lot of hidden matter-energy in shielded unit potential point charges that is not participating.

Here are the covers of some of Unzicker’s books. I’ve read ‘Einstein’s Lost Key‘ and recommend it. I purchased ‘The Mathematical Reality‘ but have not yet read it. These books are, of course, available on Amazon.

The Mathematical Reality: Why Space and Time Are an Illusion by [Alexander Unzicker]
Einstein's Lost Key: How We Overlooked the Best Idea of the 20th Century by [Alexander Unzicker]
The Higgs Fake - How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee by [Alexander Unzicker]

Alexander Unzicker’s bio :

Alexander Unzicker’s web site :

Unzicker studied physics and law from 1985 at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and in 1993 received a diploma in physics and a state examination in law. In 2001 he received his doctorate in neuroscience from the Institute of Medical Psychology at LMU Munich . He works as a high school teacher in Munich.


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