Social Media Struggle

I had a dialogue on the PBS Space Time discord that started out about neutrino oscillation and devolved into discussion of my ongoing struggles with various members of the physics community who are jerks.

Dr. Don’s videos are where I started the journey to solve nature and the universe. He’s super! Unfortunately, this video has a number of errors that become evident with an understanding of NPQG. An electron neutrino is simply a nested tri-dilpole Noether core with a neutral complement of 6 personality charges on in each dipole polar vortex. The ones we detect from solar radiation have relatively low apparent energy, and the three dipoles are at different energies, radii of orbit and angular momentum vectors. The issue with these low energy neutrinos is that they are poor at energy shielding which is an effect that can happen several ways in NPQG. One way energy can be shielded is that some dipoles appear to act like a Faraday cage and mask internal energy in part or whole. In this case the energy shielding is periodic. Somehow the dipoles are orbiting in a way that exposes each of the three dipole’s energy a portion of the time. We should be able to look at the three superimposed wave functions and deduce the orbital geometry. It’s not hard.

A Discord User A : lol… You are talking like your theory is right… That is pretty arrogant if you ask me.

There is one and only one case where it is not arrogance and it is just a matter of fact. This is that case. Look at the evidence I have stacked up. At this point I have given up trying to convince physicists. They are not the authority at the moment. They can regain authority in short order once they abandon their nonsense narratives and get on with integrating their work with NPQG. The GR math is largely salvageable. QM will take a lot more surgery, but they are outpatient surgeries and will heal quickly and quantum theories will look so much better after the paradigm lift.

Cosmology will need to be turned inside out, but everything will click into place now and the next two decades will be the heyday of cosmology with new predictions quickly confirmed by space based instruments. I’m just a regular guy who was determined and happened to have the right mix of knowledge and intuition, lack of inculcation in the current era GR/QM/LCDM, and a more than healthy dose of skepticism and b.s. detection for nonsense narratives in physics and cosmology. Perhaps you are detecting a mix of confidence in NPQG combined with frustration that scientists just don’t get what is entirely obvious once you step into the new era for a while.

The dipole, the point charge geometry of fermions, and more thought experiment discoveries are coming so fast I want to share them with scientists so they too can get on this highly productive track. I still think there are plenty of good and kind physicists who will emerge to lead the next era. My wish is that all the grumpy mean physicists do their penance by cleansing the current body of physics and cosmology literature and outreach material of the nonsense narratives that have exploded into what is at best science fiction and at worst a tragedy of physicists own making.

B Discord User B : Ooof, penance? Physicists haven’t sinned by… doing physics. Ignoring experts because you haven’t convinced them is… not recommended. Just because you’re convinced that you’re correct doesn’t mean you are, it should light a fire under you to convince the experts. They do have certain ways of thinking about the universe, but everyone has certain ways of thinking about the universe. If you want physicists to explore NPQG, convince them it’s correct. Confidence in your theory alone isn’t enough.

Oh [user B], thank you sir may I have another? Why would I try to convince physicists when the physicists that engage are bullies of the highest order? Those physicists are not my audience. I tried for over two years and the cost is too high for me. I have had enough of the jerks in physics. What appears to be eluding you is the total nonsense that physicists and cosmologists will defend to all extremes. I am not going to learn an antiquated and not even wrong system in order to get around that dragon. Like I said before, I have found the garden path to the solution. It’s just a matter of time until some open minded intelligent person says “holy cow, that dude the physics jerks say is a nut is actually right, and the scientists are purveyors of nonsense.

By the way here’s an idea of how neutrino oscillation might work in the point charge universe. The picture shows three dipoles each with different energies that are somewhat coupled and with orbital rotation oriented approaching orthogonal to the line of travel as a function of speed. They’re loosely coupled, so they pass through each other, over each other and when one gets too far ahead it gets pulled back by the others and they just go back-and-forth.

B Discord User B : Alright, why would you want to convince physicists? Because who do you expect to be able to expand on your theory? Well, it’s clear you’ve thought about the math behind your theory a lot, but I can tell you I don’t understand it. You need someone who actually has the skill set necessary to understand and expand on your theory. The people with the necessary skill-set to do that are physicists. Some physicists are assholes, sure, so stay away from them (like you would any ass). If you convince me you’re correct, great! You have a believer. If you convince a physicist you’re correct, you have a peer who can expand on your work and teach you something new.

I totally agree and that’s exactly how I thought it would go two years ago when I had seen enough that my skills and experience were strongly indicating that I was on the right track. Unfortunately the defense mechanisms of physicists have been impenetrable even as my knowledge and language of physics improved during the last two years. Meanwhile the touchpoints and supporting evidence mounted to the degree where I can show exactly the sequence of errors in physics that led to the current crisis.

I also completely agree that properly trained physicists will be able to go much farther and faster than I, once they get on board. I can lead them to the oasis but I can not make them drink. I stipulate freely that I am not a scientist. Yet there are major problems with the scientific method if a hobbyist creative problem solver can find the solution in six months of thinking that has eluded scientists for 133 years. They were in many ways closer to the solution before Michelson Morley than they are now. Maybe you are one of the kind and gentle physicists that can hook me up with physicists that will provide me with the psychological safety to truly engage and gift them this solution instead of kicking me in the teeth. I’ll play nice with people who play nice in return. My first principle is to reciprocally honor the dignity of each individual. If it’s not reciprocal then I will ignore them or return full blast volleys of intellectual fire.

A Discord User A : Your hypothesis is interesting… but until there are experiments that confirm it, it is just that a hypothesis, a musing that something might work that way, but in no way is it proving itself without a proper experiment.

You are not giving NPQG credit for pretty much illuminating the garden path to the solution for every known open issue or tension in physics, cosmology, and astronomy. I can offer the solutions to the biggest 30 or so issues.

B Discord User B :It sounds like you’ve had some rough experiences with physicists in the past, but that kind of trauma isn’t reflective of the discipline as a whole. Whether we like it or not, the scientific process is how our society has agreed upon for expanding this kind of knowledge, and physicists in this niche. I promise you that rejecting the scientific community as a pre-requisite for working with your theory isn’t going to work well. You want to prove them wrong? Awesome! Make your theory so air tight they can’t argue with it, and write it up. There’s a process for revolutions in thinking. Dude, if you’ve found the One Truth, convince the people who can tell if you have or haven’t. In this case, it’s physicists.

Yes it has been rough. Reddit the worst. Very depressing. Eric Weinstein’s discord pretty bad. Yet I still am more concerned for the early career physicists if this is an indication of how they treat each other and reports are that it is worse. I suspect it is a severe mental toll for early career physicists who have no power and are working to establish careers and livelihoods. I’ve already tried to publish many times but that corrupted system won’t take me seriously either. I just reviewed my papers this week and they need some touch up but they are in good shape. If any luminaries submitted them it would be an immediate revolution in physics and cosmology. We are circling back to the defense system. The defense system of physics is amazingly effective at idea suppression.

B Discord User B : Reddit usually self-selects for cruelty, so don’t judge any group based on its Reddit thread. It also shares a similarity with the Discord you mention in that neither of these are necessarily communities of physicists, just people who joined those online communities. There’s a reason science doesn’t progress through Reddit. I think you may be judging physicists as a whole by jerks online claiming to be them. If you tried actually publishing your theory, you might find people engage with it on its own terms. I’m not saying the process in place is perfect, but you’ve clearly looked into it. If I might offer an outsider’s perspective: Write up a paper. It doesn’t need to be the whole thing, just the foundations and whatnot. Then research some working physicists who might be interested in it and send it to them. Don’t denounce a system you haven’t actually tried. DO denounce systems that you have tried and don’t work.

I will keep plugging away gathering low hanging fruit. If anyone wants to collaborate they are welcome. All my work is open and self published. No paywalls. No ads. Hundreds of short posts. I will be diagramming quark and neutron decay soon in point charges. I suspect the W bosons are ephemeral at best. Maybe I’ll explain bottle vs beam. All problems are relatively easy with NPQG. Nature really did a number on physicists by overlaying a Riemannian emulating aether on top of 4D Euclidean space and time. It is so so much easier to see what is going on from the Euclidean flip side.

On reddit it was often the moderators who were guarding the orthodoxy. (I get extra points for saying that, as they would note.) User B, to publish on arXiv requires that I have a sponsor . If you are in a position to consider sponsoring me on arXiv I will be delighted to send you a draft and you can make your decision. By the way, nothing would please me more than to engage briefly with pleasant physicists and get them started on NPQG. They will quickly leave me in the dust and that’s fine. The important thing is to get science on the right track.

Discord User B : Convincing a working physicist would give you someone who could help you navigate the rest of the system. It seems like that’s the most straight-forward first step to getting this in front of people who can actually tell if it’s right or not.

I know you mean well. Thank you. I have emailed dozens of physicists in the last two years. They get so much unsolicited email with ideas that I understand if they think it is highly unlikely to be a good use of their time. I’ve also spoken to post-docs and professors at UC San Diego, but they also chose not to engage. They were polite in person though.

Now I’ve done it again and I am angry at myself. I let myself get roped into wasting a few more hours discussing how to approach the faux ivory tower of physics. Ok, back to having fun…