Spin and Particle Shell Composition

Imagine that nature is emergent from pairs of Planck scale fundamental particles, the electrino and the positrino, which are equal yet oppositely charged. These are the only carriers of energy, in electromagnetic and kinetic form. Now add in an infinite 3D Euclidean space (non curvy) and Maxwell’s equations. 𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚 explores this recipe for nature and how it emerges as a narrative that is compatible with GR and QM, yet far superior in ability to explain the universe and resolve open problems. For 𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚 basics see: Idealized Neoclassical Model and the NPQG Glossary.

Note: This is speculative work in progress.

In NPQG particles are modeled as neutral shells made from electrino-positrino dipoles with those shells possibly containing a composite payload.

There may be a correlation of shell composition and the concept of spin and the mathematics of spinors.

NPQG Shell FormulationSpinParticlesForce Mediated
Unstable 1/1 shell1/2Fermion Gen III
Unstable 2/2 shell 1/2Fermion Gen II
Stable 3/3 shell1/2Fermion Gen I
Two 3/3 shells1/2Proton, Neutron,
Sterile neutrino?
One 6/6 shell1Photon Electromagnetism
Outer 6/6 shell,
Inner 3/3 shell
1Z and W bosonsWeak
Outer 6/6 shell
Inner 6/6 shell
One 12/12 shell2Axion? Graviton?Gravitation

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : February 4, 2020 : Draft 0.1

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