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Earth’s Spacetime Gold Rush

How are resources managed in each quanta of spacetime around earth above ground and below ground? Is the surface of the earth, and the projection outward from the center of the earth, the defining volumetric border at various levels of government domain and property ownership?

Do property owners own the space above and below their property? It sort of makes sense, right? I mean you certainly have domain to at least scores of feet above ground as well as dozens of feet underground, right? Well, not necessarily. It depends on the laws and code in your area. Furthermore, depending on regulations, businesses may be able to license portions of ‘your radial range’ from the center of the earth for a variety of purposes, including drones, or below ground subtransit.

Let’s say you have an interest in a land property with a certain boundary geography. What is the precise mathematical term for the projection from the center*** of the earth through the property’s boundaries and continuing radially outward to some arbitrary radius? Now ask yourself, what portions of that volume does the property owner, or larger community/government have domain?

*** I understand that there are many technical complexities to this idea including, for example, that the ‘center of the earth‘ fluctuates in a variety of dimensions and transformations.

Drones will fly new highways in the sky. Is anyone seriously thinking about this and what it may be like to see and hear the drones flying via the corridor maps overhead? Consdier that drones are only one of many new resource levels that are being claimed.

I could be late to the party with this realization, as I have done zero research on this idea, but are we collectively, for the most part, ignoring that the resources of many radial strata are being leveraged by businesses? Are we oblivious to a modern day GOLD RUSH happening above and below us?

Let’s stipulate to the networks already transiting your properties and communities that facilitate business interests in oil, gas, utilities, subway, landline and mobile communication networks, and etc. Let’s further acknowledge the fortunes build and tragedies endured due to the development, exploitation, and protection of those resource networks.

What new terrestrial networks are evolving? Here are a few examples, and there are many more:

  • We are on the verge of heavily trafficked transportation airzones with corridors for drones.
    • I have no idea what the zone corridors are on a geographic map, by radial altitude.
    • I presume that some government entity is licensing airzone corridors and what can fly in each corridor.
    • What is net impact and benefit to the property owner or resident in a domain?
  • Elon Musk is interested in establishing “subtransit” through tunnels prepared by The Boring Company.
  • Elon Musk is pursuing a large number of low earth communication satellites. The interests of Elon’s satellite business conflict with the interests of terrestrial astronomers.
  • In the future, we may have neutrino communication direct through Earth! Even in such a case, it may be that non-overlapping corridors of communication would be preferred.
  • Low flying people transport. (e.g., flying cars, etc.)
  • Automated transportation overlaying existing road networks.

Here are my interests in the radial projection through the boundaries of my properties or my governmental entities borders.

  • I strongly prefer there be zero negative impact to my property or community from anything done underground, at ground level, or above ground.
  • I strongly prefer not to be disturbed by drones or transport in any way (e.g., sight, sound, touch).
  • I would permit authorized delivery drones or transport vehicles to enter my property subterranean projection and airspace.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : January 17, 2020 : v1

By J Mark Morris

General relativity and quantum mechanics rest upon the false priors of Lienard and Wiechert. It is an easy fix and anyone can discover the architecture of nature.

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