Quantum Randomness and SuperPosition

Imagine that nature emerges from ample pairs of immutable Planck radius spherical particles, the electrino and the positrino, which are equal yet oppositely charged. These are the only carriers of energy, in electromagnetic and kinetic form. The are located in an infinite 3D Euclidean space (non curvy) and observe classical mechanics and Maxwell’s equations. 𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚 explores this recipe for nature and how it emerges as a narrative and theory that is compatible with GR and QM, yet far superior in ability to explain the universe and resolve open problems.
For 𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚 basics see: Idealized Neoclassical Model and the NPQG Glossary.

The topics of quantum randomness and superposition have straightforward explanations in NPQG.

Every particle is surrounded and immersed in a sea of spacetime gas particles. Every particle is continuously communicating with the ebb and flow of energy from the wave equation of the particle shell. The more energy it takes to contain the payload, the higher the shell energy and therefore the RMS energy wave of the shell (E=mc**2). But this article is about quantum randomness and superposition.

It’s pretty simple. The spacetime gas sea is carrying the energy wave from every other particle. Spacetime gas particles are accumulators that consume and release continuous energy waves by interacting with the shells of neighbor particles (1/r**2).

The colder the particle, the larger the shell, according to Lorentz on a per particle type basis. There are step functions for fermion generations due to shell composition change.

Oh sorry, yeah, quantum randomness and superposition. Let’s get to it.

It should be quite evident now, but each particle shell whether standard matter or spacetime gas, acts like a temperature cork that bobs up and down with energy. This explains quantum randomness and superposition. Randomness is nature because impinging waves include those that are out of causal contact. Superposition is an incorrect scientific convenience at scale layer too high to understand true nature.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : January 1, 2020 : v1

p.s. John Bell appears to have proved that a ‘local’ determinstic solution of nature is ruled out. However, de Broglie-Bohm theory is a non-local pilot wave system that is also a solution for quantum mechanics. It turns out that NPQG includes the physical implementation for de Broglie-Bohm. We have a winner!

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