Nuance is Continuous

You may be the only person on the planet, and perhaps the universe, that will brainstorm this idea with me.

Have you ever thought about how two individuals interact with each other? I’m sure you have. We all have. But at what levels of interaction psychologically? What layers? There can be significant nuance, right? At least in the perception of one of the communicators? Do they both perceive the same thing? If yes, … do they really? Nuance is a reality. Nuance is not discrete. Let’s explore!

Let’s zoom way down scale and imagine the interaction of two individuals from the standard model scale. Realize that all layers of intelligent life forms are implemented, controlled, and nuanced near their scale, with the potential of feedback to the lower layers and feedforward to the higher layers.

  • An intelligent group of quarks and electrons interacting with each other,
    • in one locus of space-time
      •  in one individual being
  • And an intelligent group of quarks and electrons interacting with each other
    • many Planck lengths away
      • in another locus of space-time
        • in the other individual being
  • And the communication media being a combination of time-delayed signals which vary depending on context:
    • “Humans have a multitude of sensors.
      • Sight (vision, visual sense),
      • hearing (audition, auditory sense),
      • taste (gustation, gustatory sense),
      • smell (olfaction, olfactory sense), and
      • touch (somatosensation, somatosensory sense)
      • are the five traditionally recognized senses. “ : Wikipedia
    • Over a variety of transmission/reception technologies
      • Neurons and physical chemistry
      • Air molecules and spacetime gas (physical presence)
      • Text Message
      • Voice Call or Message
      • Online Face to Face
      • etc., to IRC, BBS, drums, smoke signals, flags, and horns.
  • Think deeply about the nuance with time and space at discrete scales.
  • Think deeply and imagine the actors at each discrete scale.
  • Are the fundamental actors electrinos and positrinos and Maxwell’s equations just below the standard model?
  • Are the actors at the composite particle layer from the set including standard matter particles, spacetime gas particles, atoms, and molecules along with the four forces of nature?
  • Those who seek unification of forces must understand that spacetime is a superfluid gas of particles.
  • All particles have a very small interaction of their wave equations that is proportional to their mass-energy. They interact with a small lossless ebb and flow of energy. This is the media for gravity, which is an energy accumulation, which is temperature, which is convection, which is gravity.
  • We have unified the four fundamental forces from the lower scales.
  • Now consider the emergence of composite forces above.
  • What are the specific conditions and reactions that cause actors to become alive?
  • At what scales does life genesis occur?
  • Life emerges and life evolves.
  • And there are many layers.
  • How many forces are involved in the five senses?
  • What logic and meaning structures do we build based upon input from the five senses?
  • How do those forces shape our behaviour?
  • The composite forces of nature are infinite.
  • Nuance is continuous.

Did you follow? What are your thoughts?

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : January 1, 2020 : v1

p.s., NPQG describes a nature emergent from the electrino, the positrino, energy, and 3D Euclidean space in which all are described by Maxwell’s equations. The thoughtful reader might realize that science, itself, may be considered as feedback from the scale point of view of emergent nature. Science is currently using extremely crude tools based upon technology many scale orders of magnitude above fundamental nature.

Well, it’s pretty darned obvious now, isn’t it?

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