The Opposing Processes of Nature

Is it the case that nature has two opposing processes?

  1. The radiation (dispersal or spread) of high-energy matter, typically in the forms of photons or neutrinos, but also in energy transfer from high energy particles to lower energy particles.
  2. The concentration of matter-energy, typically the gravitational convection of lower energy matter towards forms with more concentrated energy.

In NPQG, we know that concentation of matter-energy due to gravitation eventually leads towards supermassive black holes and Planck cores, the ultimate concentation of matter-energy. A Planck core is the pinnacle in energy and also a tipping point, where a breach of the SMBH event horizon leads to the rapid escape and dispersal of energy in the form of Planck plasma which reacts into high energy gamma ray photons, neutrinos, and other forms of matter-energy, including axion-like particles of spacetime.

I assert that it is generally true that the actions of living beings has served to increase energy burn. Via growth, industry, and technology we increase total energy consumption and dispersal.

Perhaps the raison d’être of life is to disperse energy. Is it further possible that this process of energy dispersal can be considered as an objective that spans the animate and inanimate? Could an objective for energy dispersal be coded in genes and/or gene expression? Does life evolve towards a goal to burn and disperse more energy?

Matter radiates photons according to a black body spectrum. Imagine the black body spectrum of a rocky planet. Does life speed up the process of energy dispersal at an individual level and a collective level? Is it possible that life and inanimate matter share the goal to burn energy? To cast off photons? A process destined to reach the lowest energy may also be expressable as a tendency to maximize the dispersion of energy

Wouldn’t it be astounding if all matter-energy seeks to shed energy, often/ultimately as photons? Why astounding, you may ask? Because this tendency, drive, or goal may transcend both inanimate matter as well as live matter. The goal to dissipate matter-energy as photons may be the Yin. The Yang is the convective force of gravity of matter-energy towards more concentrated forms. These are the two opposing flows in the universe at many scales.

There is a lot wrapped into these thoughts including the idea of how live beings seek to burn energy through both day to day life as well as reproduction of the species to take maximum energy-burning advantage of the local environment.

If you are following along with the argument, then life is not THE goal. Life is merely an expedient burner of energy. Life is an optimization that occurs in nature occasionally and increases the burn rate of matter-energy towards photons. We still don’t know how often nature results in life, under what conditions, for how long, nor the probability of intelligence. However there does appear to be a race condition for intelligent life to learn to control nature before that life burns out.

Is it possible that nature somehow struggles against that which might disrupt the grand cycle? Is there a fundamental struggle throughout the universe vs. those or that which would improve the efficiency of energy dispersal vs. those or that which could master matter-energy recycling and move to the next level?

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 25, 2019 : v1

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

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