Consciousness at Scale

The beauty of consciousness at scale is that you are free and you are not required to look at consciousness ONLY at the scales of space and time that humans span and most normally think about. Imagine looking up at consciousness from the Planck scale at 10 to the -35. What must consciousness look like at decades of scale higher? Which way is energy flowing at each point in the superfluid gas of axion like particles? If you were at Planck scale looking up, wouldn’t it sort of look like what we see above us in galaxies and galaxy clusters and the universe?

If you imagine the universe from the point of view of an imaginary intelligence near Planck scale, they would look outwards through dozens of orders of magnitude towards the energy of the neurons in our brains and our computers and our neural networks as the most advanced reasoning that has emerged during the inflation and subsequent reactions from the Planck scale. Are we the first intelligence to reach this point at the verge of controlling nature? How close are we to influence and then mastery of nature? If other intelligence had mastered nature would they not have signaled in a detectable way? Of course they would, because distances are so great that civilized co-opetition makes 100% sense, and aggression makes zero sense, since energy and matter may be mined directly from spacetime gas.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 12, 2019 : v1

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