Consciousness at Scale

We can examine consciousness at any scale of space and time. Imagine a virtual observer looking up at the point charge implementation of consciousness from the Planck scale at 10-35. What must consciousness look like at decades of scale higher? Would it have dualities with what we see in galaxies and galaxy clusters and the universe? Our virtual observer would look outwards through dozens of orders of magnitude towards the energy of the neurons in our brains and our computers and our neural networks as the supra-assembly implementation of intelligence. Are we the first intelligence at the verge of understanding nature from first principles? How close are we to influence and then mastery of nature? If other intelligence had mastered nature would they not have signaled in a detectable way? Of course they would, because distances are so great physically encountering one another is rather unlikely. Civilized cooperation appears to be sensible, and aggression or competition make little sense since there is no resource scarcity. Abundant energy and matter may be mined directly from spacetime æther or other materials.

Let’s zoom way down scale and imagine the interaction of two conscious individuals from the standard model scale.

  • An intelligent group of quarks and electrons interacting with each other,
    • in one locus of spacetime
      •  in one individual being
  • And an intelligent group of quarks and electrons interacting with each other
    • many Planck lengths away
      • in another locus of spacetime
        • in the other individual being
  • Both of which are also hurtling through space.
  • The communication media is a combination of time-delayed signals which vary depending on context:
    • “Humans have a multitude of sensors.
      • sight (vision, visual sense),
      • hearing (audition, auditory sense),
      • taste (gustation, gustatory sense),
      • smell (olfaction, olfactory sense), and
      • touch (somatosensation, somatosensory sense)
      • are the five traditionally recognized senses.” : Wikipedia
    • Over a variety of transmission/reception technologies
      • Neurons and physical chemistry
      • Air molecules (physical presence)
      • Text Message
      • Voice Call or Message
      • Online Face to Face
      • etc., IRC, BBS, drums, smoke signals, flags, and horns.
  • Imagine the actors at each scale level.
  • The fundamental actors are the energetic electrino and positrino point charges following paths through their emitted potential according to an evolution equation.
  • The actors at the particle asembly layer are from the emergent sets standard matter particles, spacetime æther particles, atoms, and molecules along with their interaction in the emergent four forces of nature.
  • All point charges interact. All point charge assemblies interact at the assembly level.
  • Standard matter assemblies have a very tiny interaction with the spacetime aether assemblies. They interact with a small ebb and flow of energy which excites the aether assemblies and changes their geometry. Thus at the assembly level, spacetime aether is the medium for gravity.
  • What are the specific conditions and reactions that cause emergent assemblies (and assemblies of assemblies, etc) to be considered life?

The overall point here is that consciousness is implemented upon many layers of assembly and across many scales of distance, time, and force.

Imagining unassembled point charges inside a black hole.

NPQG describes nature as it emerges from the electrino, the positrino, energy, and 3D Euclidean space. The thoughtful reader might realize that science, itself, may be considered as feedback from the scale point of view of emergent nature. Science is currently using extremely crude tools based upon technology many scale orders of magnitude above fundamental nature.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California