Mapping to Axions?

In NPQG we imagine a spacetime æther made from neutral composite assemblies of point charges, i.e., the electrino and positrino. The axion is discussed in this Quanta article. Are the expected characteristics of the axion similar to the point charge spacetime assembly? Let’s learn about axions!

Dr. Hendrik Vogel discusses axions.
Anton Petrov describes the hunt for axions.
A PBS Space Time video discussing axions.

In summary, there is a theorized particle called an axion. There are experiments in progress to detect the axion. The axion matches up well to the point charge assembly of spacetime aether. Axions are emitted in high energy events, such as supernovae, stars, and plasmas. There is a strong fit with my model of spacetime as an æther of composite assemblies that permeate the universe.

AxionSpacetime Aether Assembly
Extremely low mass.
An axion might be 10-11 times the mass of an electron.
This is a match.
Forms a Bose-Einstein condensate.This is a match.
Permeates the universe.
There are an estimated 1019 axions per gallon (?) of space.
This is a match.
Formed during the “Big Bang”.This is a match,
with a caveat*.
Decays into two photons.This is a match**.
Minimal interaction with standard matter.This is a match.
Axions are a candidate for dark matter.This is a partial match.***.
Spin 0This is a match.
Charge 0This is a match.
CP symmetry preserving.This is a match.
Extremely high density. (10**19/gallon)This is a match.

*In NPQG the one time inflationary Big Bang is implemented by intermittent galaxy-local inflationary mini-bangs — i.e., breaches of black hole Planck point charge cores as Planck point charge plasma jets.

** The theory is that an axion decays spontaneously in a strong magnetic field, it results in two photons of a specific frequency. Likewise photons can convert to axions in strong electromagnetic fields. This is one of the many standard model assembly pair production mechanisms of the “quantum vacuum” which is spacetime aether and may also correspond to a sea of axions.

***Axions are proposed as a dark matter solution for galaxy rotation curve anomalies. Spacetime aether assemblies are hard to detect directly and may solve portions of the dark matter problem. However the solution to galaxy rotation curves may also include another mechanisms that arise from NPQG.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

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