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Generations Negotiate the Passing of the Torch

A young person has posted a book review for discussion on FaceBook, with a prefacing comment being “Click-baity title, but brings up an interesting and relevant point.”

Book review: “Are Baby Boomers A ‘Generation Of Sociopaths’?”

Really? Wow, not pulling any punches are we? Are some ‘woke’ members of younger generations taking their gloves off with old folks? Hmm? How courageous of you. How enlightened you are. Still it pains me that you are not aware that your energy and cries have been directed towards futile nonsense objectives. The prior generations have already established the idealistic concept of the individual in society. Newer generations are supposed to build upon it, but instead they got lost and are fucking things up with woke tribal divisive nonsense.

I have recently come to recognize that, in this particular era circa 2019, there is a loathing emanating from younger generations towards older generations. This loathing has evolved over time. First the younger generations, held in check by the voluminous older generations began to resent the senior cohort on multiple dimensions in every sphere. The older generations had no significant complaint against the docile younger generations, other than to display a confused worry about their sensibility and motivation.

As time progressed and more in younger generations came into power the older generations recognized that some of the newly minted were complete idiots, morons, and narcissists. This is not a new phenomena. Increasingly frustrated and aggrieved, the younger generations developed the “woke canon” social media cannon weapon which could be used to damage and destroy targets in the hierarchy with no due process. Of course all generations agree that those who break the law should be considered for prosecution, but that is a formal process enshrined in the legal system. Social shaming is a haphazard process.

I think it is the content of the book that seems like such nonsense to me. The book author has poor logic supporting his manipulative agenda. As if he can put the blame on a group defined by age and race. In my view the Boomer cohort are far more woke in their concept of respect for the individual as the ultimate concept.

Woke tribal politics is a shill of a technique to displace older generations, specifically Boomers. Remember, a shitload of boomers are woke hippies and already arrived at the intellectually superior idea to respect the dignity of each individual no matter their membership in a diverse set of tribes. Once you take the stance to respect the individual and get it codified in law, that is huge. A lot of it is in law. There is still a lot of progress to be made. 

The woke politics of recent generations addressees the issue that some people have not caught up with or been held to the law and the principle related to treating each individual with respect. Every generation will have bad apples near the lower sill of the ever changing Overton window. Every generaton must continue to advance the principle of reciprocal respect for individuals.

The book’s author is seduced by age discrimination as a solution to injustices faced by some people in the post Boomer cohorts. We must consider that the world is incredibly complicated. Perhaps by being inclusive we could find more support to fight the injustices for which the ‘woke’ advocate. Tribalism and blaming culture is anathema to a democracy. Tribalism represents our deepest historical roots and the chaos, violence, and suffering of those times.

Consider the Mandarin symbol for person, human, people, humanity. Individual, the Hive, the Hive of Hives, etc. Tribalism is an emergent phenomena, intentionally plural. Individuals form groups and groups compete. We may as well accept the fact.

What shall be our first order tribal sort? Consider AI robot individuals of the future that have been recognized as individuals, yet they have a completely different tribalism free of human tribes. Now what is our first order tribal sort? Human vs. AI robot? Skin color or robot metal finish? Sex and/or gender? Age? Are we to perpetuate this nonsense?

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : November 11, 2019 : v1


Photons React with Spacetime Æther

In NPQG, photons can lose energy as they travel through spacetime æther that is expanding locally in each galaxy. This reaction is one of several causes of photon redshift.

What do we know?

  • Energy is conserved.
  • Photon energy transfer is quantized.
  • We know that certain light generating events emit photons of a particular wavelength which translates into a specific energy.
  • We know that as photons pass through expanding spacetime æther their wavelength is elongated and frequency decreased.
  • We know the wavelength of the detected photon.
  • We know that these photons have lost energy along their journey.

What don’t we know?

  • What is the exact mechanism of the energy transfer between photons and the expanding spacetime æther?
  • Does the reaction vary with the energy gradient of the spacetime æther?
  • Does the reaction vary with the energy of the photon?
  • What happens at the extremes of hot and cold spacetime æther?
  • What happens at the extremes of high and low energy photons.

I imagine some sort of function that describes photon energy loss per unit distance traveled as a function of photon energy and spacetime æther energy.

Extremely High Energy Spacetime
(near or in a neutron star or black hole)

local speed of light = slow
Mid Energy Spacetime
(near a planet or star)
Low Energy Spacetime
(in space far from celestial objects)
local speed of light = standard c
High Energy PhotonThis photon has a small radius, but the spacetime
æther particles are dense here.
These photons would experience significant refraction.
RefractionGalaxy local expansion
Mid Energy PhotonThese photons would experience significant refraction.Moderate refraction.Galaxy local expansion
Low Energy PhotonThese photons may experience such high refraction that their path is redirected to impact with the dense object or to decay.Low refraction?
Is there a lower bound where the photon decays?
Galaxy local expansion.
Is there a lower bound where the photon decays?

A detailed scientific understanding of the reaction between photons and spacetime æther is required to determine absolute distance in space as a function of photon redshift.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : November 11, 2019 : v1