Is SpaceTime Made of Axions?

In NPQG we imagine particles of spacetime that are related to very low energy photons. Today, I became aware of a predicted particle called the axion due to this article in Quanta. In this post, I’ll explore whether the expected characteristics of the axion are similar to the NPQG spacetime particle. This would be interesting, […]

Generations Negotiate the Passing of the Torch

A young person has posted a book review for discussion on FaceBook, with a prefacing comment being “Click-baity title, but brings up an interesting and relevant point.” Book review: “Are Baby Boomers A ‘Generation Of Sociopaths’?” Really? Wow, not pulling any punches are we? Are some ‘woke’ members of younger generations taking their gloves off […]

Photons React with Spacetime Gas

In NPQG, photons lose energy as they travel through spacetime gas. This reaction is one of many causes of photon redshift. GR-QM era science is not aware of this reaction, and instead attributes this form of photon travel distance redshift to “expansion of spacetime.” What do we know? Energy is conserved. Energy transfer is quantized. […]

Faux Friend or Foe – Poke it in the AI

A solid majority now agree** that a sociopathic malignant narcissist can easily penetrate the U.S. government and become POTUS with a little help from his friends and circumstances. Drunk on power and false admiration, enfant terrible can evolve to threaten to topple the government and become the first supreme leader of the United States. Imagine […]