Kirsten Hacker : Signs of the Times

This post is in response to Kirsten Hacker’s article “Signs of the Times.” Kirsten is an immensely talented individual. Please read Kirsten’s article first and then come back for my thoughts. Also, check out her fascinating books on

I agree 100% that physics and cosmology have made huge errors of judgement in promoting their narrative interpretations as factual. The reality of nature is completely different than the current stories that these scientists tell. I have no idea how the fields will walk back all of their nonsense. It is going to be a huge embarassment for the field. I am hoping that there will be accountability. By accountability, I would like to see all current leadership in the field removed from their positions. I would call for a complete reorganization of University research hierarchies after which the leadership positions could be staffed. Most of the books, videos, and courses will be obsoleted. It’s not that the experiments and math are wrong, but they are mixed up and completely out of order in the current nonsense science narrative. I would also like to see the funding, publishing, tenure, and incentive reward systems totally redesigned. Today those systems are terrible and everyone knows it. They encourage awful behaviour, incredible stress, frustration, and they stymie innovation.

Here are a few examples of improved narratives of nature:

  1. There was no Big Bang. Instead the dominant and ongoing process is galaxy local. Matter-energy gathers and eventually makes its way to the central supermassive black hole. As more material enters the SMBH, the core gets denser and denser until it reaches Planck scale, beyond which the core can change no more other than by growing radially. There is no singularity. Why don’t physicists apply the Planck scale to the problem? For some unknown reason they insist that the Planck scale is only a dimensional analysis and does not correspond to reality.
  2. When Planck cores form, the interior particles can not transmit their mass. Inside the core there is no way for them to interact with neighbor particles since the Planck particles are maxed out in energy storage. So you can easily see why this would impact galaxy rotation curves. Mass falls in and eventually it disappears from the gravitational accounting system. All of the objects in the galaxy experience an increase in orbital radius as mass disappears at the center. But the matter-energy are still there. There is no singularity or wormhole.
  3. Whoever calculated that nothing can escape the event horizon of a black hole is guilty of one sided thinking from the outside. Hawking amended this with the idea of Hawking radiation, but in general I think Hawking and his contemporaries cast black hole science in stone far too early and prevented future scientists from exploring alternative ideas. Did anyone ever think about what is happening on the inside of a black hole? Did anyone ever think that under certain conditions that a Planck core can breach the event horizon? Of course it can. The jets! The jets! Anyone who believes those jets are entirely from equatorial accretion disks being sucked up to the poles – well, I am simply nonplussed.

I could go on and on. So many stories from physics and cosmology are pure nonsense. That all said, there will be a day of reckoning. The good news is that the opportunity is enormous once physicists and cosmologists wake up. Imagine being able to draw unlimited energy directly from spacetime æther. Imagine being able to 3D print manufacture with energy and raw materials taken directly from spacetime æther. Technologies like this might take a while to develop, but it is pretty much straight line of sight once nature is understood. In the meantime, the technological progress will be incredible. The demand and funding for applied science will skyrocket. No more hungry and frustrated post-docs.

That all said, there is also the risk that a complete understanding of nature’s reality could lead to very powerful weapons of mass destruction. What if it is relatively straightforward to create an ice-nine (as Frank Wilczek once speculated) or black hole or gamma ray blaster? What if destructive individuals could do this with modest funding? We absolutely know that there are people who will wreak as much havoc as possible and would be happy to destroy the Earth. Therefore, once the reality of nature is discovered, the race is urgent and important to seed the universe with the diaspora of intelligent life from Earth.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : October 13, 2019 : v1