Solving the Unsolved Problems in Physics

There are many previously unsolved problems in physics which are or will be solved using the Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity model. I’ve written blog posts about the NPQG solution for many of these problems. On this page, I provide a summary and link to each solution.

For NPQG basics see: Idealized Neoclassical Model and the NPQG Glossary.

Previously Unsolved ProblemSolution
Baryon Asymmetry
Where is all the anti-matter?
Protons have a positron (anti-electron) payload. Neutrons have an anti-neutrino payload.
Anti-Matter Mystery Solved!
Physical Information
Can information be destroyed?
Nature destroys information in the black hole recycling process.
Nature Destroys Information
Cosmic Inflation
Is the theory of cosmic inflation in the very early universe correct?
Inflation is a ongoing and intermittent galaxy-local process that occurs when Planck plasma is emitted from supermassive black holes.
Cosmic Inflation is Wrong. Long Live Inflation!
The Hierarchy Problem
Why is gravity such a weak force?
Gravity is caused by an ebb and flow of gravitational wave energy as interaction between the wave equations of neighbor particles.
Unifying the Four Forces
The Planck Particle
Is there a fundamental particle with mass equal to or close to that of the Planck mass?
A volume of Planck particles can occur in the core of a supermassive black hole. Planck particles can not transmit mass nor participate in gravity, because their constituent electrinos and positrinos are stopped.
Max Planck – Ahead of his Time
The Arrow of TimeTime is in some sense a measure of particle energy. At Planck energy, time is stopped. As a particle sheds energy time goes faster. At zero energy time is non-existent.
Fresh Thinking on Time

Entropy is conserved.
Entropy is zero in Planck phase.
Fresh Thinking on Entropy
Charge-Parity (CP) SymmetryOnce the superfluid is taken into account, I predict that symmetry will be maintained.
Prediction: CP and P Symmetry will be Restored
Dark MatterGalaxy-local mini-bangs/jets and galaxy-local inflation/expansion replace the concepts of a one time Big Bang-Inflation. The Planck particle volume in a supermassive black hole does not participate in gravity, and thus contributes to galaxy rotation curves due to mass disappearance. This area of science is expected to resolve the dark matter problem.
Can Supermassive Black Holes Explain Galaxy Rotation Curves?

Rethink Supermassive Black Hole Dynamics!
Dark EnergyDark energy is caused by the superfluid that implements space time. The flow of superfluid away from SMBH is a factor in dark energy as well.
Magnetic MonopolesThey do not exist. Magnetism is caused by moving charged particles.
Relativistic Astrophysical JetsEmitting Planck plasma from the core of an SMBH is a source of relativistic astrophysical jets.
Can Supermassive Black Holes Explain Galaxy Rotation Curves?

Rethink Supermassive Black Hole Dynamics!
Grand Unification Theory
Theory of Everything
Idealized Neoclassical Model

Glossary of Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity
Horizon Problem
Why is the distant universe so homogeneous when the Big Bang theory seems to predict larger measurable anisotropies of the night sky than those observed?
NPQG solves this problem with galaxy-local mini-bang and galaxy-local mini-inflation/expansion that uses the same physics throughout the universe, thus requiring no causality solution to the horizon problem. The Big Bang and one-time cosmic inflation theories are not valid in NPQG.
Origin and Future of the UniverseNPQG defines a quasi-steady-state recycling universe with conserved particles and energy. The origin and end of the universe are unknown in NPQG. The future is more recycling.
The Size of the UniverseNPQG is compatible with either an infinite universe or a set of one or more bubble universes of standard matter-energy.
“The “Axis of Evil” is a name given to an anomaly in astronomical observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The anomaly appears to give the plane of the Solar System and hence the location of Earth a greater significance than might be expected by chance.” WikipediaIn NPQG the CMB is black body radiation from the superfluid. It is therefore more likely that CMB photons originate in the celestial neighborhood of the telescope, because the farther away the originate, the greater the chance that those photons were scattered or absorbed. In the CMB anisotropy, above the ecliptic plane of our solar system appears to be slightly cooler than below. If the CMB is from the neighborhood, then an explanation for this anisotropy is a higher superfluid temperature below the ecliptic plane. This could potentially be caused by a differential in mass above and below the plane, which could in turn be caused by planetary orbits. Investigation is required.
Measurement and Wave Function CollapseA measurement involves an energy transfer. For energy to transfer from a particle, the wave function must switch from one solution to another. This is incorrectly called a “collapse” when it is simply a transition between wave equation solutions. This is a routine process for a particle. No big deal.
The largest structures in the universe are larger than expected.The universe age is unknown in NPQG and likely much older than previously thought (13.8 billion years). With an older universe there is time for large structures to evolve. In the new era these structures may be a clue to establishing a minimum age of the universe.
Extra dimensionsThere are no exotic dimensions in NPQG. Space is three dimensional. Time is defined per particle and is unidimensional and can not go backwards.

As development of NPQG continues, I expect that more solutions to the unsolved problems in physics will reveal themselves. I’ll update this post accordingly.

J Mark Morris

San Diego July 20, 2019 v1

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