Quantized and/or Continuous?

Quantum mechanics led to a new way to consider nature as driven by quanta. Even so, some things in nature are continuous. Let’s explore and differentiate what is quantized and what is continuous in NPQG.

For NPQG basics see: Idealized Neoclassical Model and the NPQG Glossary.


  • Particles, whether electrino, positrino, or composite.
  • Energy transfer between particles, in wave function harmonics.


  • Mass based gravitational wave energy ebb and flow are continuous via the wave equation.
  • Position of a particle in space
  • Superfluid displacement gravity waves caused by high energy events.
  • The strength of electric and magnetic fields in space around a charged moving particle.


  • Particle energy is a sum of quantized energy and continuous gravitational energy ebb and flow. In particular superfluid temperature, which determines the strength of gravity, is a combination of both quantized and continuous energy.


  • Time is related to particle energy. Is it the quantized or entire energy?

J Mark Morris

San Diego July 19, 2019 v1

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