Rethink Supermassive Black Hole Dynamics!

To resolve the crisis in physics and cosmology, rethink supermassive black hole dynamics.

To resolve the crisis in physics and cosmology, rethink supermassive black hole dynamics.

J Mark Morris July 2019.

Here is the Big Bang-inflation timeline visulization as imagined by cosmologists. A lot of the important reactions happen in the super high energy jet that comes out of the Big Bang and inflates superluminally. I am taking the liberty of calling it a jet since it appears to emit directionally from a point on the surface of the bang.

The Big Bang Concept

Sir Roger Penrose advocates a new idea, conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC), with a series of bang events.

Credit: Sir Roger Penrose

We need physicists and cosmologists to rethink supermassive black hole (SMBH) dynamics. Black hole science had a remarkably short era from acceptance of the concept of black holes to acceptance of the idea that nothing gets out except Hawking radiation. The science findings closed the door to new insights about black hole dynamics with respect to the inside of a black hole having any relationship to the events outside a black hole.

Did black hole scientists consider high energy turmoil on the INSIDE of the black hole that could upset their simplistic ideal math about the event horizon manifold? Can it develop holes? Chaos? Of course, it can. It probably depends on spin, and charge, and Planck core volume and perhaps other factors.

I think there may well be a fundamental misunderstanding of the singularity and the jets. My hypothesis is that under sufficient conditions a galaxy center supermassive black hole can form a core of Planck particles. This would represent the singularity and it would not observe general relativity, meaning it would present no mass. Then under a different set of sufficient conditions the Planck core can emit Planck plasma via jet or rupture. I have depicted the idea in the following art work using real observed images of radio galaxies.

If this hypothesis is correct, the logical conclusion is that there was no Big Bang, and instead, there is an ongoing and intermittent galaxy local bang and galaxy local inflation/expansion throughout the universe. We can illustrate this by showing the Big Bang timeline superimposed on the jets of a supermassive black hole (SMBH).

When coupled with the hypothesis that Einstein’s geometrically curvable spacetime is implemented by a æther of very low energy particles the two hypotheses are a basis for a revolution in physics and cosmology.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

By J Mark Morris

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