Nature Destroys Information

Imagine that nature emerges from a Euclidean 3D void space populated with immutable oppositely charged Planck spheres, which we call the electrino and the positrino. These are the only carriers of energy, in electromagnetic and kinetic form. They observe classical mechanics and Maxwell’s equations. Nature overlays Euclidean space (Map 1) with a lightly interacting Riemannian spacetime æther (Map 2). 𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚 is compatible with GR, QM, and ΛCDM observations, while providing a superior narrative that explains nature and the universe.
For 𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚 basics see: Idealized Neoclassical Model and the NPQG Glosssary.

There are many previously unsolved problems in physics which are or will be solved using the Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity (NPQG) model. In this post I’ll discuss Physical Information.

Physical information: Are there physical phenomena, such as wave function collapse or black holes, that irrevocably destroy information about their prior states? How is quantum information stored as a state of a quantum system?


Regarding wave function collapse, it is not such a dramatic event! It is a routine intermediate state transition between two energy levels which is usually well describable mathematically.

Energy transfers are lossless and conservative, so no information is lost.

Black holes are a different matter. Information is lost as gravity crushes and transmutes standard matter and spacetime towards the Planck scale. Ultimately, the Planck core contains no information and can be described with a single bit – Planck core or not Planck core. However, entropy is conserved, which is an adjustment to the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Information is destroyed. Information becomes inaccessible from outside the black hole when that information crosses the event horizon into the black hole. However, whichever way matter-energy comes out of the black hole, it has absolutely zero information. The two ways out are Hawking radiation and Planck core emission as a plasma. Either way, no information is contained. We can assert that some information must have been destroyed. I suppose it is possible for a particular piece of information to somehow survive for a long time in a black hole without making its way to the Planck core, but that’s a losing battle,


  • Nature destroys information in the black hole recycling process.
  • We didn’t cover this here, but if the universe is finite, information may also be destroyed in the recycling process at the spacetime æther surface.
  • Information is not encoded on the surface area of a black hole event horizon.
  • The holographic universe concept is incorrect.
  • Entropy is conserved. The 2nd Law is actually an equality.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : June 29, 2019 : v1

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