Idealized Neoclassical Model


The purpose of the NPQG model of nature is to facilitate thinking and experiments based on the assumptions of a parsimonious physical universe consisting of a Euclidean void in time and space and energetic unit potential point charges. The hope is that these thought experiments may lead to new insights about nature.


  • Electrino and positrino point charges. Conserved.
  • Energy : Only carried by point charges. Conserved.
  • Time and Space background : A Euclidean void.


  • Space : a Euclidean 3D volume.
  • Time : emerges from basis in point charge field speed.
  • Energy : potential and kinetic
  • Point charge : magnitude of +|e/6| or -|e/6|


  • Electrino and positrino point charges
  • Energy
  • Linear momentum
  • Charge (immutable)


  • Maxwell’s equations.
  • Maximum energy is the Planck energy per point charge
  • General relativity and gravity do not apply to a black hole core of point charges at Planck energy.
  • A Planck scale plasma of point charges may emit via jet or rupture from high energy objects and events. (e.g., Active galactic nuclei (AGN) of a supermassive black hole (SMBH))
  • The gradient of æther energy density is the strength of the gravitational field.
  • From an æther perspective the speed of light is constant. (Map 2, Riemannian)
  • From the perspective of Euclidean Map 1 the local speed of light varies based on æther energy and gradient.
  • Redshift: gravitational, doppler, cosmological (galaxy local expansion), inflationary
  • Gauge invariance via Lorentz factor
  • Four forces (gravitational, weak, electromagnetic, strong).


  • Recycling of standard matter (including spacetime æther) through high energy objects or events. In particular, active galactic nuclei (AGN) supermassive black holes (SMBH), Planck scale point charge core, and emission of Planck scale point charge plasma via jet or rupture. [dark matter, galaxy rotation curves, anomalous redshift observations, expansion]
  • Instead of a cosmic inflation and a one-time big bang we model intermittent, independent, distributed, parallel and ongoing galaxy local bangs/jets and galaxy local inflation. [universe age, Hubble, expansion, flatness]
  • Map 1 Euclidean variable speed of light and refraction given by local permittivity and permeability as a function of the local energy density of spacetime æther. [gravitational lensing]

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California