Planck Scale

Max Planck was a tremendously productive physicist. His work is still paying off today! The Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity Model has revealed several insights that trace to the genius of Max Planck.


  • The Planck units describe a possible reality that may only occur at the most compressed, densest, hottest, highest energy places in the universe.
  • A Planck scale point charge phase may occur in galaxy center active galactic nuclei (AGN) supermassive black holes (SMBH).
  • Planck scale point charges may or may not occur in other high energy objects and events such as blazars, quasars, black holes (BH), BH-BH mergers, Neutron star (NS) – BH mergers, NS-NS mergers, or supernovae.
  • Science teaches that general relativity does not apply at the Planck scale.
  • Under certain conditions, Planck scale point charges in a plasma may breach as a jet or a rupture and escape a black hole.
  • The exposed point charge plasma forms high energy point charge dipoles and assemblies of these dipoles which inflate locally to the galaxy, impacting galaxy dynamics, such as rotation curves.
  • Photons and neutrinos emit from the exposed plasma.
  • Photon products experience local inflationary redshift.
  • Spacetime æther implements general relativity and Einstein’s spacetime.


  • The galaxy local plasma breach timeline is similar to the big bang theory, and may be improved with new physics. A new body of science is needed for Planck point charge plasma: taxonomy, breaches, reactions, products, timelines, patterns, etc.
  • Redshift science must be updated for local inflation.
  • The Big Bang Theory may be falsified if science can establish the point charge narrative as a superior model.
  • The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) may be explained as the radiation from routine high energy events in galaxies some 13.8B years away in photon travel time.

Dr. Don

The NPQG model is consistent with Dr. Don , Planck, and Mead on the Planck scale being units of natural measure, not the shortest distance or time scale possible. Point charges move through Euclidean space in a continuous fashion, not jumping from point to point instantaneously. It is these point charges themselves which give rise to the natural measures. Assemblies of point charges bootstrap the smallest possible physical measuring rod or ruler. These fundamental point charges give rise to emergence that reproduces the observations of current era particle physics, such as color charge, standard matter particles, weak and strong forces, etc.

Time has an emergence lineage in the NPQG model. Like distance, area, and space, there is no fundamental measuring device for time in NPQG. Point charges emit spherical potentials that expand at a universal constant field speed. This becomes relevant in the most basic assembly which is the orbiting electrino : positrino dipole. It is only after orbiting dipole assemblies emerges that we can talk about the frequency of that orbit and have our first physical clock. The most primitive clock is one electrino and one positrino spinning around as a dipole. It’s also the most primitive ruler.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California