Modern Physics is Wrong!

There are many previously unsolved problems in physics which are or will be solved using the Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity model. In this post I’ll discuss where modern physics is wrong!

For NPQG basics see: Idealized Neoclassical Model and the NPQG Glossary.

WRONG: Supermassive black hole jets are formed when accretion disk material is sucked up to the poles and expelled.

The main driver of supermassive black hole jets is the surface breach of an in-core Planck particle core. The jets are composed of Planck neutrinos and Planck photons which quickly inflate geometrically as they transfer energy, react, and cool. Physicists will need to re-evaluate whether these powerful Planck plasma jets can also suck up accretion disk material.

WRONG: The Big Bang

There was no one time big bang at the beginning. Didn’t happen. The reality is simpler and far more logical. Throughout the universe there are intermittent jets and bangs followed by inflation and all are galaxy local. The process described by the big bang theory is similar to what happens when Planck plasma erupts from a jet or rupture of a dense energetic object or merger. If you are familiar with images of jetting supermassive black holes, imagine that we simply overlay the big bang timeline on both polar jets.

WRONG: Cosmological Inflation

Since there was no big bang, there was no one time cosmological inflation. Instead, inflation is a routine event in the universe, intermittently occurring when Planck plasma emits from high energy objects or events. In particular, Planck plasma jets from active galactic nuclei (AGN) SMBH are a source of inflation. Therefore, inflation/expansion of outflow may vary slightly depending on the galactic neighborhood.

WRONG: Singularity

Einstein’s general relativity predicts a singularity where general relativity breaks down. This has captured the imagination of the public and befuddled the thinking of physicists. In reality, the “singularity” a simple phase change when extremely dense and energetic electrinos and positrinos reach maximum energy and become Planck particle plasma. The core of a sufficiently energetic black hole may become a lattice of Planck particles. General relativity does not apply to Planck particles. When conditions are sufficient, a Planck core may penetrate as a polar jet, or breach as a bang (not the big bang, but a galaxy local bang).

WRONG: Einstein’s Curvy Spacetime

Space is 3D Euclidean and flat. Nothing special. A void. A vessel to hold our universe. Overlaid upon space is a superfluid of photons and neutrinos, which are composite particles made from electrinos and positrinos, the two fundamental particles of nature. It is this superfluid which mechanically implements curvy spacetime of Einstein. The superfluid exchanges energy with standard matter and imbues the concept of mass in exchange for pulsing energy waves which heat the superfluid, but fall off at radius squared. Superfluid temperature causes convection of standard matter, i.e., the force of gravity.

WRONG: The Vacuum, the Quantum Vacuum, and Pair Production

There has been a long confused history of science and “empty space.” Let’s go back to 1887 when Michelson-Morley falsified the aether. That was a big oops. All they could really say was that they ruled out an aether at the scales they could measure, which absolutely DOES NOT rule out an aether! In the modern era, physicists think there is a quantum aether which can produce particle-antiparticle pairs. Well, it’s a lot more than just a lucky peak of fluctuating quantum fields! Einstein’s abstract spacetime is hypothesized to be a superfluid of photons and electron neutrinos, dominated by low energy particles. Superfluid may be structured as a foam or lattice of particles and may be a Bose-Einstein condensate.

In the final analysis, it is Hendrik Lorentz that gets his day in the sun. (Pun intended. Did I tell you I was in high school pun club?).


Lorentz helps us get to the root of whether a moving photon source imparts kinetic energy to an emitted photon. Of course it does! The issue is that the Lorentz factor is dictating the energy, so low speed kinetic energy means virtually nothing in terms of the number of 9’s of the speed of light. Note: To be clear, energy is conserved, even in tiny harmonic quanta.

This reminds me of a duality with the world of services and systems where uptime is considered in terms of the number of 9’s of availability. It’s easy for simpletons to think 99.9 and 99.99 and 99.999 are similar. But turn it aroud and imagine trying to squeeze out another 90% of downtime for every additional 9 of availability.

During my Bell Labs journey I learned this relates to Amdahl’s law about speedup. (Go 3B!)


For the modern era, those more familiar with online games perhaps, the analogy might be, once you achieve 90% of the objective you level up and reset that last one-tenth as a new 100% objective.

Perhaps I have been lucky to learn an engineering skill related to thinking from a Lorentz factor perspective, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to apply it to reverse engineering nature! My advice to those learning physics is that it is important to learn the Lorentz factor at a deep level if you want to understand nature. This is scale invariance. Are Maxwell’s equations scale invariant? It seems that they are for a very wide range if not end to end, General relativity appears to only partially break down at the last .000….0001. And maybe it can be repaired, knowing now how the boundary works. Another Ph.D thesis topic suggestion.

WRONG: Show Me the Dark Matter

There isn’t any dark matter. Modern physics TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD galaxy dynamics, including rotation curves, because of a tragic comedy of errors.

  • Physicists did not understand mass recycling in supermassive black holes.
  • Physicists did not realize that the singularity was a phase change.
  • Physicists did not realize that black hole jets were from a Planck core.
  • Physicists did not realize that spacetime is a material superfluid of standard matter-energy!
  • Physicists did not connect the dots on the Lorentz factor.

WRONG: The Speed of Light

First, the speed of light is not a constant. It varies with permittivity and permeability of superfluid and both of those vary based on temperature or energy of the superfluid. Gravitational lensing around dense matter objects is refraction.

Second, there is a very small scale drag that the superfluid imposes on photons.

WRONG: How to Interpret Redshift

First, see the speed of light discussion. Variable speed of light directly impacts our interpretation of redshift.

Second, inflation is a routine occurrence in the universe, yet scientists have not interpreted redshift properly. The small community that identified anomalous redshift (Arp, Burbridge, et al) were really on to something, but they didn’t know why. Objective physicists should have detected this situation and supported investigations. This is one of many areas where arrogance has obstructed science.

I have a lot to say on redshift so I wrote a whole article:

WRONG: Many Worlds Interpretation

Pure and utter hogwash!

See Sean M. Carroll.

CONFUSED: The science interpretaton of an active galactic nucleus.

There is a lot going on in an AGN. If the SMBH is jetting, there will be intense inflation. There will be incredibly energetic Planck photons reacting as quickly as possible and releasing energy, and creating standard matter-energy products of those reactions. It is likely a maelstrom of activity and reaction chains. Intense gravity will be attracting matter back towards the galactic plane. Some of the ejecta may have a fate of getting pulled back into the SMBH for another loop of recycling. Certainly all of this will have impact on galaxy dynamics. A whole new subfield of forensic galaxy history may emerge where the patterns of galaxies and their surroundings can be studied and scientists can rewind and understand galaxy history through simulation.

WRONG: Missing Antimatter (aka Baryon Asymmetry)

The missing antimatter is hiding in plain sight. The proton payload is a positron, aka anti-electron. The neutron payload is an anti-neutrino.

WRONG: Information may be lost in black holes, and is certainly not stored on the event horizon. The holographic universe concept is wrong.

No information can survive the phase transition to a Planck core.

WRONG: The second law of thermodynamics should be an equality. Entropy is conserved.

Prior era scientists did not model the superfluid and therefore did not consider the microstates of the superfluid.

J Mark Morris

June 19, 2019 San Diego v1

2 thoughts on “Modern Physics is Wrong!

  1. Mark, I love how the NPQG theory brings everything together into one cohesive perspective.
    There is something to be said about the confirmation bias that science has suffered for quite some time now. Let me be clear: Because some exotic mathematics can support extraordinary and otherwise unverified assumptions build on each other like a house of cards, it doesn’t make it true. Even if the math is “beautiful” or super esoteric.
    It seems that cosmology and theoretical physicists missed the memo on the K.I.S.S. principle! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stefanos, I agree 100%. It looks to me that the post-mortem analysis of the last 40, 90, & 125+ years in physics is going to be really interesting. Science historians will have a lot to unravel in order to figure out how NPQG was missed along the way. There are so many theories that have parts of the solution and seem so very close to putting it all together. I’ve been working on NPQG for 18 months now, and it truly is amazing how it revealed itself by getting more parsimonious as each new insight occurred. NPQG is not complete yet, but I think the overall foundational structure is solid. Hopefully the science community will take notice soon and get this new era moving in parallel with the full on scientific method.


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