Modern Physics is Wrong!

There are many previously unsolved problems in physics which are or will be solved using the Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity model. In this post I’ll discuss where MODERN PHYSICS IS WRONG.

Given energetic immutable point charges permeating a flat Euclidean space and time, emergence creates our universe.
NPQG unifies GR and QM and transforms ΛCDM.

There are many previously unsolved problems in physics which are or will be solved using the Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity model. In this post I’ll discuss where modern physics is wrong.

WRONG: Supermassive black hole jets are formed when accretion disk material is sucked up to the poles and expelled.

The main driver of supermassive black hole jets is the surface breach of a Planck scale point charge core. The jets are composed of Planck point charge plasma which reacts and forms composite particles with energy cores made of orthogonal nested point charge dipoles that inflate geometrically as they transfer energy, react, and cool. Physicists will need to re-evaluate whether these powerful Planck plasma jets can also suck up accretion disk material.

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WRONG: The Big Bang

There was no one time inflationary big bang at the beginning of the universe. Didn’t happen. LeMaitre erred by projecting backwards to a single event. The reality is simpler and far more logical. Throughout the universe there are intermittent inflationary mini-bangs and these each are galaxy local. The process described by the big bang theory is similar to what happens when Planck plasma erupts from an SMBH. Planck plasma can erupt from a supermassive black hole core as polar jets under certain conditions. If you are familiar with images of jetting supermassive black holes, imagine that we overlay the big bang inflation timeline on both polar jets as a first approximation of the process.

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WRONG: Cosmological Inflation

Since there was no big bang, there was no one time cosmological inflation. Instead, inflation is a routine event in the universe, intermittently occurring when Planck plasma emits from high energy objects or events. In particular, Planck plasma jets from active galactic nuclei (AGN) supermassive black holes (SMBH) are a source of inflation. Therefore, inflation/expansion of outflow may vary depending on the galactic neighborhood and the current stage of each galaxy in the recycling process. Interestingly while scientists know that the Big Bang occurred all over the cosmos, and that inflation is ‘eternal’ and ongoing, they do not assign a physical root cause. The AGN SMBH is the quite obvious candidate.

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WRONG: Singularity

Einstein’s general relativity predicts a singularity where general relativity breaks down. This has captured the imagination of the public and befuddled the thinking of physicists. In reality, the “singularity” is a phase change where extremely dense and energetic electrinos and positrinos reach maximum energy and merge into a Planck core of a black hole. The “singularity” is not an infinitesimally small point nor a wormhole! Instead, a sufficiently energetic black hole may develop a core volume of Planck energy immutable point charges. I imagine these particles stacked like a lattice or crystal, with each particle placed so as to store maximum energy. Think of a black hole core as the ultimate battery. General relativity does not apply to Planck particles and we know that because the general relativity mathematics does not describe the singularity properly. Physically, the implementation of the singularity as a Planck core means a volume of immutable point charges at maximum energy, which can neither receive nor transmit gravitational energy. When conditions are sufficient, a Planck core may penetrate as a polar jet, or breach as a bang (not the big bang, but a galaxy-local bang).

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WRONG: Einstein’s Curvy Spacetime

The background or vessel for our universe is 3D Euclidean (flat). Nothing special. A void. Permeating this void are spacetime æther particles, which are composite particles made from electrinos and positrinos, the two fundamental particles of nature. It is this spacetime æther which mechanically implements curvy Riemannian spacetime of Einstein. The spacetime æther exchanges energy with standard matter and this is the cause of matter-energy mass. The give and take pulsing energy waves between particles propagates a gravitational wave through the spacetime æther, which fall off at radius squared. The gradient of spacetime æther energy causes convection of standard matter, i.e., the force of gravity.

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WRONG: The Vacuum, the Quantum Vacuum, and Pair Production

There has been a long confused history of science and “empty space.” Let’s go back to 1887 when Michelson-Morley falsified the aether. That was a big oops. All they could really say was that they ruled out an aether at the scales and characteristics they could measure, which absolutely DOES NOT rule out an aether! In the modern era, physicists think there is a quantum aether which can produce particle-antiparticle pairs. Well, it’s a lot more than just a lucky coincidence of fluctuating quantum fields! Einstein’s abstract spacetime geometry is really implemented by an æther dominated by low energy structures. Spacetime æther may be structured as a gas, foam, or lattice of particles and may be a Bose-Einstein condensate. Furthermore the spacetime æther has the property that the radius and frequency of the æther particle energy core always preserves the distance/time ratio that equals c = 3 x 108 m/s given that rulers contract and clocks dilate in high energy spacetime.

WRONG: Show Me the Dark Matter

Modern physics TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD galaxy dynamics, including rotation curves, because of a tragedy of errors.

  • Physicists did not understand that spacetime is particle based and contains energy and can participate itself in gravity.
  • Physicists did not understand matter-energy recycling in supermassive black holes.
  • Physicists did not realize that the singularity was a phase change.
  • Physicists did not realize that black hole jets were Planck plasma erupting from a Planck core.
  • Physicists did not realize that spacetime is a particle based æther of standard matter-energy!
  • Physicists did not understand that galaxy local inflation and expansion.
  • Physicists did not understand energy shielding in standard matter particle energy cores.
  • Physicists did not understand that black holes shield energy in a Planck core.

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WRONG: The Speed of Light

The speed of light is a constant when viewed from within the spacetime aether (Map 2) but not a constant if viewed from the absolute Euclidean frame (Map 1) of space and time. In Map 1, c varies with permittivity and permeability of spacetime æther and both of those vary based on energy of the spacetime æther (specifically the vector potential). Gravitational lensing around dense matter-energy objects is refraction.

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WRONG: How to Interpret Redshift

Inflation and expansion are routine occurrences in the universe, yet scientists have not interpreted expansion properly as being galaxy local. The small community that identified anomalous redshift (Arp, Burbidge, et al) were really on to something, but they didn’t know why. Objective physicists should have detected this situation and supported investigations.

I think NPQG will lead to new insights about redshift and possibly techniques to survey, map, and measure galaxy local spacetime energy and gradient.

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CONFUSED: The science interpretation of an active galactic nucleus.

There is a lot going on in an AGN. If the SMBH is jetting, there will be intense inflation. There will be incredibly energetic Planck point charge plasma reacting as quickly as possible and releasing energy, and creating standard matter-energy products of those reactions. It is likely a maelstrom of activity and reaction chains. Intense gravity will be attracting matter back towards the galactic plane. Some of the ejecta may be destined to be pulled back into the SMBH for another loop of recycling. Certainly, all of this will have impact on galaxy dynamics. A whole new subfield of forensic galaxy history may emerge where the patterns of galaxies and their surroundings can be studied and scientists can rewind and understand galaxy history through simulation.

WRONG: Missing Antimatter (aka Baryon Asymmetry)

The missing antimatter is hiding in plain sight. The proton payload is a positron, aka anti-electron. The neutron payload is an anti-neutrino. Nothing is missing in NPQG.

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WRONG: Information may be lost in black holes, and is certainly not stored on the event horizon. The holographic universe concept is wrong.

No information can survive the phase transition to a Planck core.

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WRONG: The second law of thermodynamics should be an equality. Entropy is conserved.

GR-QM era scientists did not model the spacetime æther and therefore did not consider the microstates of the spacetime æther.

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J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : June 19, 2019

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

7 replies on “Modern Physics is Wrong!”

Great answers. I agree with almost everything written above. But modern physics is more than just the BS of mosmology. There is also the total BS of quantum theory, and maybe half of particle theory is also BS. Qunatum Mechanics is a great functional prediction system, made by engineers rather than scientists. The system is great, but their understading of quantim reality is child-like. Particle paysics and theory is also a joke. Half of it is so-so, and the other half is mostly fantasy.

As mentioned above, although General Relativity is a good mathematical model of gravity, the theoretical aspect of it is wrong i.e. warped space. Instead, it is density and flow differences in a backgroung field. Dark Energy declaration was based upon errors in the Hubble formula, and dark matter is totally wrong and instead velocities are based upon background field flow. The non-realization of a background field are the big errors of both GR and quantum theory, and the reason why presently they appear to be non-compatible.

Like your title implies, nearly all of Modern Physics is wrong in the biggest possible ways.

Something a little more down to earth, The Helical Engine has been in the news and the properties involved relate directly to the Lorentz factor. Here is the link to the in depth paper presented at the AIAA Propulsion Energy Forum and Exposition in August. Your insight into how and if something like this can work would be of great interest to me and many other people.

Click to access 20190029294.pdf

Helical Engine
David M. Burns, Ph.D. 1
NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama, 35812, USA
A new concept for in-space propulsion is proposed in which propellant is not ejected from
the engine, but instead is captured to create a nearly infinite specific impulse. The engine
accelerates ions confined in a closed loop to relativistic speeds, and slightly varies their velocity
to change their momentum. The engine then moves the ions back and forth along the direction
of travel to produce thrust. This in-space engine is intended to be used for long-term satellite
station-keeping without refueling or to propel spacecraft across interstellar distances. The
engine has no moving parts other than ions traveling in a closed-loop vacuum line, trapped
inside electric and magnetic fields.

The conventional physics community has already written the idea off, as in this article by a radio astrophysicist below, on the website Universe Today.

NASA Engineer Has A Great Idea for a High-Speed Spacedrive. Too Bad it Violates the Laws of Physics.

“His design only accelerates the circular motion of the particles, so he assumes their speed forward and backward along the axis of the rocket should remain constant. But in relativity, as the mass of the particles increase, their speed along the axis would slow down. This is due to the relativistic effects of time dilation and length contraction. As a result, the particles give the rocket an equal push at both ends. Einstein’s theories don’t let you get around Newton.”

Interesting reading, my own studies have been centered around redshift quantization and the relationship of time to gravitational lensing. If AGN are ejecting Planck plasma it time stamp would be zero until encountering the external universe, therefore the larger and more energetic emissions would end up forming galaxy clusters. (Arp) Could the newly formed matter younger time stamp be changing the permittivity and permeability of the spacetime superfluid. The change in refraction being caused by time not temperature?

Thanks for commenting! I am thinking time is implemented particle by particle and has something to do with the motion or energy of the shell that surrounds the payload of the particle. However, since the energy of the particle is related to the interaction with the superfluid that “heats” the superfluid, then in a sense, you are right that time is involved. The more energy the particle must exchange with the superfluid, the slower time moves for that particle. That is an interesting way to think about what is happening!

Mark, I love how the NPQG theory brings everything together into one cohesive perspective.
There is something to be said about the confirmation bias that science has suffered for quite some time now. Let me be clear: Because some exotic mathematics can support extraordinary and otherwise unverified assumptions build on each other like a house of cards, it doesn’t make it true. Even if the math is “beautiful” or super esoteric.
It seems that cosmology and theoretical physicists missed the memo on the K.I.S.S. principle! 🙂

Stefanos, I agree 100%. It looks to me that the post-mortem analysis of the last 40, 90, & 125+ years in physics is going to be really interesting. Science historians will have a lot to unravel in order to figure out how NPQG was missed along the way. There are so many theories that have parts of the solution and seem so very close to putting it all together. I’ve been working on NPQG for 18 months now, and it truly is amazing how it revealed itself by getting more parsimonious as each new insight occurred. NPQG is not complete yet, but I think the overall foundational structure is solid. Hopefully the science community will take notice soon and get this new era moving in parallel with the full on scientific method.

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