Religion Meet NPQG

I have always taken the position that I DO NOT believe in mythical beings, including any conjured gods or supernatural spirits. However, there are two unknown scientific possibilities that appeal to my senses of unnaturalness.

First, the delayed choice experiment and entanglement in general is still a leap of faith I am counting upon, per the advice of Dr. Lee Smolin. Neoclassical Physics & Quantum Gravity (NPQG) is in good position to explain this phenomena because it has myriad potential causal mechanisms to investigate. It appears to me that NPQG has energy based memory along with memory for all other conserved dimensions and quantities. While that memory may not be readable without destroying it, clearly it can bounce and ring for many orders of magnitude. I am pondering energy based harmonic wave series storable within particles, and transferable between particles, and implemented by each particle’s wave function. Besides that bouncing decaying energy, I am open to the idea that while all known particles are limited by local speed of light, c, they may be able to pass some signal at faster than local c. After all, NPQG allows for superluminal velocity of Planck plasma that intermittently emits from supermassive black holes and possibly other objects and events.

Second, at this point, I have not ruled out the idea that we may be in a simulation. If we are in a simulation, we are just as real, and the intelligent operator is real too, not mythical. The intelligent operator would have established the initial conditions and potentially perturb the system at arbitrary absolute times. Even so, we have free will at every conscious moment.

Now, that all said, what I believe or think, will NOT be relevant to the religiously and mythically impressionable, nor those that exploit them. Yes, exploit. We can now be clear about what is happening in nature given NPQG. However, that won’t stop the charlatan narcissists, and unfortunately NPQG is rich with science to spin mythical tales about. A unique Satan in every supermassive black hole! Ephemeral wraiths of hell in high energy collisions of neutron stars, black holes, and etc. And the jets, they must be tentacles of the demon! Oh, my primitive imagination will pale in comparison to those who attempt to adapt or design religions and mysticisms for the new understanding of nature. We can hope that old religions will fade even faster and new religions will be unpopular. However, even if established religions motion to adapt, we should ask, as a matter of principle, that they update their existing texts to eliminate hate, violence, discrimination, and other human causes of suffering.

Furthermore, besides the DOWN or IN into the depths of pressure and extreme temperature, we also have the UP or OUT to the surface of this cosmos (if it is finite, that is). The cosmos surface would correspond to the cold and ethereal, on the precipice of fading away or decaying. Energy death. Resurrection from the faintest particulate ashes and energy into new matter-energy destined to begin the grand loop again.

Ironically, and hilariously, the grand narratives of major religions with regards to god(s), demon(s), and life have dualities to matter-energy-spacetime recycling on a universal scale. It is as if in their denial of the mystical and religious, scientists missed an enormous clue.

J Mark Morris

June 11, 2019 San Diego v1

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