Alternative Physics and Cosmology Projects for Students

Posted on reddit /r/ScienceTeachers on June 10, 2019.

Dear Science Teachers,

Thank you for what you do. I was fortunate to have great science teachers.

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in collaboratively developing/deploying several alternative physics and cosmology projects. I remember my kids doing this kind of project in history and it seemed really interesting to think through ideas of how different decisions or outcomes might have changed history.

I am an engineer. I have been attempting to reverse engineer nature based upon courses, textbooks, journal papers, and outreach materials such as found on YouTube or science blogs, etc. I have developed some interesting ideas that make for fascinating thought experiments (and I hope someday will lead to scientific insight).

I could provide several alternative assumption sets and we would add guidance and questions for the student(s).

For example, one alternative assumption set could be the following:

Alternative Assumptions
1) Einstein’s spacetime is an æther of cold standard matter particles.
2) Spacetime æther and standard matter-energy are made from the same ingredients and can be converted between these forms,
3) One way that conversion happens is through a very high energy plasma phase where general relativity does not apply,
4) That plasma can escape from supermassive black holes and possibly other high energy events or mergers (BH-BH, BH-NS, NS-NS) whereupon it will cool , inflate, react, and produce standard matter-energy including spacetime æther.

Guiding questions

a) how would these ideas relate to the theory of the big bang?

b) how would these assumptions relate to galaxy rotation curves? dark matter?

c) do these assumptions lead to progress or solutions on the top unsolved questions in physics?

d) can you relate the plasma to planck scale length, time, or energy?

e) what insights or predictions result from your thinking on this project?

f) could the assumptions be true? why or why not?

What are your thoughts? Anyone interested?

Best regards,
J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : June 10, 2019 : v1