Physics Outreach Stars

I am very thankful for the voluminous outreach material on physics, astrophysics, and cosmology. Not only have I learned a tremendous amount, but the time spent learning has been very enjoyable thanks to the efforts of these outreach stars. Dr. Paul Matt Sutter Dr. Don Lincoln Dr. Michael Merrifield Dr. Becky Smethurst Dr. Meghan Gray […]

Recommended Physics Books

An excellent book. I read it when it recently came out in 2018, and I will read it again this year. Dr. Hossenfelder discusses the facets of, what I think is fair to say, a crisis in physics. Her main thesis is that the field is too absorbed in theories and mathematics that appeal to […]

Idealized Neoclassical Model

The purpose of this idealized model of nature is to facilitate thought experiments based on the assumptions of a minimal two particle physical universe. The hope is the thought experiments may lead to new insights about nature. This is not a formal physics model.