The Physics and Cosmology Narratives are Wrong

TL;DR: The physics and cosmology narratives are totally screwed up. Gravitons are the key.

It’s really simple. There are two types of fundamental particles, equal and opposite, 1/6 charge, and let’s call them the electrino and positrino. They are jetted as a plasma from galactic supermassive black holes (SMBH) after conversion from matter and energy. As the graviton plasma cools, the electrinos and positrinos configure into gravitons (perhaps a single pair, perhaps a more complex particle) and it becomes a gas or condensate with a geometric structure, one that supports E8 lattice mathematics. This has fooled physicists because they confuse spacetime with gravitons overlayed on flat 3D Minkowski space and linear time. SMBH matter to graviton recycling explains galaxy rotation curves. Dark matter goes away – poof. The graviton outflow explains inflation. Big bang goes away – poof. Gravitons have extremely high energy and permeate all space. Gravitons implement gravity by exchanging energy losslessly with nearby matter-energy. The gradient in graviton energy is the “field” that creates the “force of gravity”. QM tries to look at standard matter without knowledge of gravitons. QM – fail. GR effects are explained by the change in graviton permittivity and permeability as a function of graviton energy. Guess what – that means the fine structure “constant” varies! Lensing – that’s refraction folks – standard physics. Matter shrinking and time dilating are natural effects of the permittivity and permeability change. GR – math is ok (until near graviton scale), but narrative is wrong. There is no curved spacetime reality.

Gravitons decay by giving off energy and matter-energy. It is easy to derive the standard model particle formulas in terms of decayed gravitons.

At the cosmos surface the gravitons reach the void at very low energy and decay into matter-energy. Unknown whether this is conservative and everything comes back in to the cosmos or if some energetic matter can go off into the void. Overall OUR universe is a giant recycling machine. Matter-energy recycles into gravitons in black holes (at least the galactic center ones), and gravitons decay back to energy and matter-energy everywhere, but probably more quickly near the SMBH jets and the cosmos surface.

The overall decay rate of gravitons is the CMB.

The graviton based narrative is much simpler and experimental results stand, and much of the math and theory can be rearranged and refactored to fit the graviton narrative.

Try this narrative on for size yourself and go the the wikipedia page for unsolved problems in physics. I am an independent researcher and it is obvious to me that twenty+ problems fall. The smart people on this blog can probably solve far more with this narrative.

Yes, it will be easy for you to dismiss this as nonsense, but consider how many neutrinos are passing through you right now. Is it really that hard to believe you are permeated with high energy gravitons too? Just suspend disbelief and think!

Oh what else, let’s see. Oh yeah, photons are energy that rides the graviton condensate. Thus giving rise to the age old particle or wave confusion. The answer IS both, but the gravitons don’t move with the photon, they just relay the photon wave neighbor to neighbor.

Suspend disbelief and let’s get this all fixed and move on to the next era of physics and cosmology.

Best Regards,

J Mark Morris

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