The Physics and Cosmology Narratives are Wrong

There are two types of fundamental particles, equal and opposite, 1/6 charge, and let’s call them the electrino and positrino. They are jetted as a Planck scale plasma from the core of galactic supermassive black holes (SMBH). As the plasma cools, decays, inflates, and reacts it forms standard matter. Some of the standard matter is low energy neutral particles such as neutrinos and photons. These low energy particles compose superfluid. SMBH standard matter-energy recycling explains galaxy rotation curves. The big bang theory and one time inflation are no longer valid. Dark matter is no longer necessary. The superfluid flow explains expansion. Superfluid particles implement gravity by exchanging energy losslessly with nearby matter-energy. The gradient in superfluid energy is the “field” that creates the “force of gravity”. QM tries to look at standard matter without knowledge of superfluid particles. QM – fail. GR effects are explained by the change in superfluid permittivity and permeability as a function of energy. This implies that means the fine structure “constant” varies! Gravitational lensing may be considered as the refraction of standard physics. Space contraction and time dilation near dense matter are natural effects of the energy stored which causes permittivity and permeability change. GR – math is ok (until near Planck scale), but narrative is wrong.

If the universe is a bubble, then at the bubble surface superfluid particles reach the void at very low energy and may decay into matter-energy. It is unknown whether this is conservative and everything comes back in to this superfluid bubble or if some energetic matter can go off into the void. Overall OUR superfluid bubble is a giant recycling machine. Matter-energy recycles through Planck particle phase in black holes (at least the galactic center ones), and standard matter including superfluid decay back to energy and matter-energy everywhere, but probably more quickly near the SMBH jets and the bubble surface.

The overall temperature of superfluid is the 2.7K of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

The superfluid based narrative is straightforward. Of course, experimental results stand, and much of the math and theory can be rearranged and refactored to fit the NPQG narrative.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 18, 2018 : v1

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