Is There a Physical Aether?

I am building a narrative model to explore the idea of Einstein’s spacetime as a physical superfluid aether of neutral particles that are composed of equal numbers of fundamental electrinos and positrinos (one or more pairs). In most of the universe, this aether is in a superfluid phase, potentially with a geometric foam or lattice structure.

The model leads to the following insights, which will be explained in more detail in subsequent posts.

  1. Weak force :: arises from the electric field of aether particles.
  2. ⁠Strong force :: arises from the magnetic field of aether particles.
  3. Higgs, W’s, Z :: interactions of destabilized superfluid with other standard matter.
  4. ⁠Vacuum expectation and pair production :: reaction product of superfluid into photons and standard matter-energy.
  5. ⁠Galaxy rotation curves :: matter-energy conversion to Planck plasma inside SMBH and emission/jetting of same as plasma creating a superfluid outflow.
  6. Inflation :: Planck plasma jet or bang from SMBH causes inflation.
  7. Photon :: photons pass through superfluid with very low drag.
  8. Mass :: Lossless exchange of energy between matter-energy and superfluid, manifested in a potential energy footprint of gravitational waves around matter-energy.
  9. Gravity :: temperature (energy) gradient in the superfluid.
  10. ⁠Cosmological Redshift :: Ultra low superfluid drag on photons.
  11. Gravitational lensing :: refraction due to permittivity change in high energy superfluid.
  12. ⁠Curved superfluid :: due to permittivity, permeability, and fine structure variable change as a function of superfluid energy.
  13. CMB :: black body emission spectrum of superfluid.
  14. Experiments and narrative attributed to Big Bang :: this could be recast into the Planck plasma emission journey from inside of an SMBH to jet or bang.

Best Regards,

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 28, 2018 : v1

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