Gravitons Have Already Been Detected

I assert that gravitons, a particle composed of equal numbers of fundamental electrinos and positrinos (one or more pairs) have already been detected. In most of the universe gravitons are in a condensate phase with a geometric lattice structure that supports the E8 geometry and correspondences to the standard model (per Lisi).

If you will allow me to explain, here are several of what I think ARE graviton detections, with incorrect narratives.

  1. Weak force :: graviton condensate electric field
  2. ⁠Strong force :: graviton condensate magnetic field
  3. Higgs, W’s, Z :: interactions of graviton condensate with standard matter
  4. ⁠Vacuum expectation and pair production :: decay of gravitons to photons and standard matter-energy
  5. ⁠Galaxy rotation curves :: matter-energy conversion to gravitons inside SMBH and emission/jetting of same as plasma creating a graviton outflow
  6. Inflation :: graviton plasma and condensate outflow
  7. Massless photon :: photon riding on the graviton condensate aether
  8. Mass :: Lossless exchange of energy between matter-energy and graviton condensate, manifested in a potential energy footprint of gravitational waves around matter-energy
  9. Gravity :: potential energy gradient in the graviton condensate
  10. ⁠Redshift :: graviton condensate permittivity & permeability changes and outflow
  11. Gravitational lensing :: refraction due to permittivity change in high energy gravitons
  12. ⁠Curved spacetime :: due to permittivity, permeability, and fine structure variable change in high energy graviton condensate
  13. Neutrino interaction/detection rate :: neutrinos travel in a energy channel of the graviton condensate waveguide that is not used by standard matter.
  14. Gen II and III fermions :: Gen I fermions in high energy channels of the graviton condensate waveguide
  15. CMB :: decay of gravitons into photons and standard matter-energy
  16. Experiments and narrative attributed to Big Bang :: perhaps this could be recast into the graviton emission journey inside of SMBH

So you see, a lot of my ideas are straightforward narrative rethinking.

Also as a fun exercise, try suspending disbelief, and go apply these ideas to the wiki article on unsolved problems in physics. By my count more than 20 of those problems fall to this narrative.

I hope this is helpful, or at least interesting to imagine. If folks see something way off, please point it out. I understand it is easy to delude oneself, but it looks like straightforward physics to me. I don’t see any woo.

Best Regards,

J Mark Morris

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