Reciprocally Honor The Dignity of Each Individual

One day, mathematicians and physicists may develop a theory of everything. Surely a TOE would lead to wave after wave of technology innovation. What about in the world of epistemology? How might religion change?

If this were to come to pass, perhaps it would be a good impetus for all major religions to make some sorely needed updates for the modern world and the new era.

I am thinking that the convergence of factors such as AI, robotics, TOE, wealth disparity, Nationalism, and postmodern Marxism create an opportunity and need to update major belief systems with modern principles and values. Respect for the individual at the core.

Other converging factors include genetics, 3-D printing, automated vehicles,  as well as ever increasing information and improving applications.

I carefully chose the word “individual” because now is the time to prepare for artificial intelligence to create “life” in the form of software intelligence. It is also conceivable, even likely, that some humans may augment their intelligence with artificial intelligence.

The root cause of many contemporary problems is the failure to reciprocally honor individual dignity. Let’s solve problems at their root cause. #UpdateTheTexts

Let’s call for religions to update their texts to align with the principle to “Reciprocally Honor The Dignity of Each Individual.”

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California